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… from there we went!

This last year has had some amazing events from relocation, renovations and establishment of a new gallery space in Wensleydale.  So many new opportunities, trials, floodings and reasons to celebrate.  This all being said and noted does highlight the lack of personal creativity in my own work.  Thus far I only really created one new line of work in the creation of the sheep inspired glass standings and hangings.  These have proved very popular and 52 have been sold in just the last 9 months!  A small encouragement don’t you think for when I slip into the self-pity, self-flagellating pit of ‘I’m useless’?  Yep it’s true.  We all have one. Sorry about that, but the truth is harsh.

Now, you know the drill, new year, new start, new focus…. so my self-challenge is to do five-a-day.  Five things to improve all aspects of my life and develop my creativity, health and interaction with others. They are: Water, Food, Exercise, See and Create.

Water – drink lots of it!

Food – choose foods wisely and don’t eat out of boredom or laziness

Exercise – never enough of this in my life… my body, flexibility, stamina etc are all at a real low

See – look closely at what is around me :  see the colours in the sky and the puddles, see the motivation and drive behind the words and actions of those around, see where I can add value into peoples lives, see the effect of the wind, rain, sun, see an article, painting, photograph and respond to it… there is lots to see if only I take time to look

Create – document the important bits, doodle patterns and shapes, capture colour, stitch pictures and quilts, paint fabric and manipulate, develop sensory, tactile toys, quilts, books, create paintings, puzzles, patterns, kits… something, one thing, at least one thing each day.

2013 RESOLUTION:  Re-awaken my creativity, my ability to ‘see’, to translate, to develop, to create, to make, to respond to so that by the end I can look back and see where the observation has taken me.

A curious soul