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All very exciting…

I am in the process of developing some kits that people can buy to “take and make” at their own leisure.  First up is the ‘Madbird Tassel Making Beginners Kit’.  Good news is I got chance to play with lots of yummy, warm and sumptious colours.  Always a good thing in my mind during chilly February days.  Made me think of fruit salads, rhubarb crumbles and custard, spring greens, pistachios and chestnut mushrooms…. what about you?


A Bowlful of Yummy Colours

Once I’d decided which type of kit I would start working on, I had to trial my own.  I needed to carefully document each stage as I completed it and then try to capture images to illustrate the important bits!  Much head scratching and attempts to write clear instructions ensued, especially as I knew what I was talking about and I have to remember whoever buys such a kit may never have done anything crafty before.  Much scribbling, rubbing out and re-jiggling followed.  Anyway – these are the tassels I made.  What do you think?  Would you fancy making some?


Four Completed Tassels

Having written, edited and illustrated the instructions (so wish my husband (graphic designer whizz) and my son (illustrator extraordinaire) were at home to help), I made up a few kits for the testers.

bowlful of threads

Tassel Kit : Instructions & Threads

So… the kit is being tried and tested by some very honest folk, and I shall try to not be paranoid while I await their feedback.  (Honest.)

If you have any thoughts too… please do leave a comment or two.  It would be nice to hear from you.

Happy Tassel-Making my lovely Testers!