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Sketchbook detail & basic fox

Sketchbook detail & basic fox

I’ve had a thing growing about foxes recently inspired by felt foxes seen on Pinterest and the ceramic ‘Mr Fox’ created by my good friend Anna-Mercedes Wear.  It always amazes me how much can be conveyed through art.  How the tilt of a head, positioning of an eye can create expressions and character.  So my beginnings to create a fox began.  Scribbling and emptying my thoughts into the sketchbook and some very simplistic drawings.  One of a stylised fox.. the other the potential for a cushion or quillo (more of that another time).


Stuffed fox with facial features stitched with single strand black embroidery floss

So after a little paper drawing and cutting, selecting suitable fabrics, pinning and cutting the pattern pieces out I got to stitching.  Once stitched on the machine, all the limbs, tail and ears were turned through, attached to the back panel of the fox and then carefully stitched the back and front of the fox together.  Stuffing followed and stitching up the opening then the black embroidery floss was wielded to define his eyes and nose.


Ginger wanting to show his profile off!

He’s a little curious and having shown us his best side he was happy for a close up shot for you to see the leaves on his tummy from the campervan curtains and the stunning shimmery orange of the shot silk.


Ginger close up showing patterned material from leftover campervan curtains and beautiful orange shimmery silk.

Typical fox… knows he’s a beautiful thing to behold who quickly, and silently disappears into the night shadows.  Truth is my boys are fighting over him already and I’ve a feeling I’ve to make a few more to satisfy the growing demand….