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I need colour.  Bright, breezy, uplifting, zingy colour.


Lovely Layers of Colour

 I have been playing with acid milling dyes. Changing ecru yarn into vivid leafy green gorgeousness.


Dyed Blue Faced Leicester Drying


Natural (ecru) Yarn
prior to dyeing

I struggle with what type of artist I am.  I always have.  I’ve envied people who KNOW exactly who they are and what they do.  Ceramicists, photographers, painters.  However, I transcend so many different media: glass, batik, dyeing, textiles, paper, paint, knitting, patchwork, quilting, jewellery…. the list can go on.  I cannot stick to just one thread of artistic expression as one idea spins off into another medium and the shapes, styles, and skills learned transpose into and tumble from discipline to discipline.

A realisation settled in me during the latter end of 2013.  It struck me.  What I work with is Colour.   My medium is COLOUR.


Giant Peas?

My artwork is driven by exploring colour, familiar shapes and always results in something tactile.

Something lovely to touch and feel, to use or to enjoy.

It is the colour, not necessarily the medium, that helps shape and formulate the creation of a piece.  The medium is the vehicle to explore the colour and shape.

That is why shapes, curves, the feel of the thing, tumble from fabric to glass onto paper and back again.


Colour of water at
start of dyeing process


Almost Done!
NB change of colour of dye bath

Instead of fighting this delicate dance, I now feel peaceful realising I DON”T JUST HAVE TO BE a glass artist, or a quilter or a printer or a jeweller… I AM WHO I AM.

I am a person that loves exploring colour.  It feeds my soul.  It gives me peace and restoration.

For me, colour is wholesome, like bread and water.

I need to play with colour.  That is it.  I am creative and artistic with colour.


Delicious Citrus lime

Whatever  the medium.

Colour shapes it.

I wonder what shapes your work?

Anne x