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What do you get when you take an ecru yarn, dyes, water, heat, a bit of time, the internet and a crochet hook?

Well… I took two of these:baby-cashmerino

Added them to a dye bath and then dried the coloured yarn… overnight….


Delicious Colours

Then I searched the internet to find a triangular granny square shawl pattern which I found at The Sunroom.

At this point I had to do a little trialling with crochet hook sizes to decide for the shawl to be soft and drape well I needed to use a 6mm hook rather than the 3.5mm needle size advised on the ball band.

So… pattern, hook and dyed wool in hand I set off.

I quickly pulled back my work to adjust the size of the starting loop suggested by The Sunroom.  (I only had 4 Ch before I slip stitched the starting loop, rather than the 6 Ch stated and it worked better for me & the yarn.)

shawl folded


Total crochet time… just 4 hours.

I adjusted the edging too (cannot help but adjust a pattern to suit me)…. all I did was 5 Ch, slip st into next gap, 5 Ch, slip st into SAME gap and repeat.  It worked well for me.  It gives a pretty frilly edge.

shawl edging

Frilly Edge

So… I’ve had fun in the last 24 hours, as well as a lovely evening out with friends and tangy lemon tart.  Three of my favourite things… creativity, friendship and there’s nothing quite like a tart lemon tart.

glass bowl2

Summer Blues

AND… whilst I crocheted my kiln was slowly doing its magic… and look what came out!

glass bowl

18cm Blue Bowl

What a madbird colourful, creative few days I’ve had!

Until next time, have fun.