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Amazing what you learn when curiosity and creativity collide, don’t you think?  That mischievous Mr. Ginger Fox seems to have found some friends.


What are they up to?

I was out walking the hound of dracula, aka ‘Zoltan’, in a beautiful winterwonderland in Wensleydale following one of our four usual jaunts up along the back of Gayle Mill,

Winterwonderland - behind Gayle Mill

Winterwonderland – behind Gayle Mill

up the path to the stile

Across the fields behind Wensleydale Creamery

Across the fields behind Wensleydale Creamery

and down the paddock passed St Margaret’s church while enjoying the hound chasing after snowball after snowball after snowball. The snow was lovely thick fluffy heavy snowflakes which began to fall again on the way back home.  Hhhmmm home, get that woodburning stove stoked, a bowl of porridge and a black coffee.

St Margaret's Church and Graveyard, Hawes

St Margaret’s Church and Graveyard, Hawes

Anyway… like I said… I came home to find Mr. Ginger Fox in a huddle with some friends.  Curious.

Hhhhmmmm too much whispering

Hhhhmmmm too much whispering

Not quite sure what they were talking about but as soon as they saw me snapping photos they looked up, paused their chatter and then returned to whispering.

Sneaky peaks up at me and the hound

Sneaky peaks up at me and the hound

Soon enough the skulk smiled to each other and unhuddled themselves, shuffling into a comfortable line and said “Good Morning!”

"Good Morning"  said Mr. Ginger Fox and his friends

“Good Morning” said Mr. Ginger Fox and his friends

“Good Morning To You Too”, I said wondering what they were up to.  Take a look… what do you think?

A skulk of mysterious foxes.... what are they up to?

A skulk of mysterious foxes…. what are they up to?

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I still think that Mr. Ginger Fox and the rest of his skulk have a wiley plan up their sleeves.  Hmmmm – to me they look a little too bright eyed and bushy tailed for my liking and they certainly have a twinkle in their eyes and smirk on their faces.  What do you think?  Innocent-looking?  I don’t think so!

Curiosity = discovering the congregational noun of foxes is a ‘skulk’ unless there are only three foxes then they are known as a ‘leash’    PLUS    Creativity = making sufficient foxes to become a ‘skulk’ of foxes