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‘Frenzied Artist At Work’

is the title over my studio at the moment.

I am happy to announce I have a stall at the Makers’ Fair celebrating local artists and artisan makers at the Dales Countryside Museum on Sunday 21st April 2013 between 10.30 & 4.00 pm.

I’ve been squirrelling away trying to make new things and ferreting around my materials and glass to find all the bits I need .  Truth is I’ve not really been squirrelling or ferreting at all.  I’ve been a bit of a ‘foxy lady’ these last few days.



I’ve definitely been consumed (if not overrun) by foxes.


Foxes Under Construction

So it goes, suddenly I had a huge skulk of foxes ready to pose for their ‘class photo’.


Skulk Class of April 2013

One or two were much more embarrassed to have their photo taken.  But I caught this one, near the back, just when he wasn’t expecting it!  You can seen he isn’t quite as confident as the one who stuck his nose right into the camera lens.

foxes4 closeup

Mr Shy Fox

In addition to all the foxes over running my studio, I am pleased to say I’ve completed some MAKE & TAKE kits for sale too. Chapel mice, tassel making & ‘Madbird’ needlewrap and Redwork kits… (they can be bought through the Chapel Gallery, Hawes)

There will be a quilt or two too… here is a close up of a couple just to tempt you to come along.

sewn & pressed closeup

Jelly Roll Quilt Beauties

Please do come and say hi!  Not just to me, but all my lovely foxes and mice too.

See you then,

Anne x

***   UPDATE   ***

I’m very pleased to say I shall also be exhibiting some of my quilts, a couple of art quilts and accompanying DVD how-to make your own as well as five Madbird ‘Make & Take’ Kits:  Chapel Mouse, Needlewrap, Tassels for beginners, Madbird with daisy redwork and Two Madbirds redwork.

You never know what I may rustle up in the last few days before a show!  Feels like the frenzied activity has stepped up a notch or two.    MUST ADMIT it is such a  lovely feeling being creative.

Do come down on Sunday and say Hi!