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Order from Chaos – Fingers Crossed

My creativity has a big hiccup every now and again.

I have huge creative urges which pop like an over inflated balloon before the urge transforms supplies into something to ogle at.

The balloon is often popped by the chaos that the floods through our ground floor created.

Since then it has taken (literally) months to begin to find order amongst the paints, fabrics, supplies, glass, threads, books etc.

Over the last week a dear friend has given me some time by watching the gallery for me so I could begin moving all the warped wood and chop it ready for the log burner. Once I’d achieved this I knew I could begin the ‘create order out of chaos’ task with my fabrics & supplies.

I realise I’m only at the beginning but I do believe it’s now achievable. And if it’s achievable, then I can start creating. And if I can start creating I’ll be a much nicer person to be around. Because I can become quite grumpy with the frustration that builds by not creating. (I’m sure those around me will attest!). And if I become frustrated I become illogically jealous of those who have order in their creative space and create beautiful things. And jealousy is not a pleasant trait, especially when it is borne out my own lack of order and really has nothing to do with those who really are truly inspiring.

Times of reflecting are essential. They give me the rungs of a ladder to climb up to nicer things. They give me drive, focus, purpose and a goal.

Thank goodness a little navel gazing never goes amiss!