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It must be very, very cold outside.

There’s a mouse called Albert taken up residence the Chapel Gallery!

mouse in bed 2

Albert Snuggled in his Sleeping Bag

Not only that, he’s brought his very own sleeping bag with him.  Fancy that.
Here he is having a quick peek.

mouse in bed 1

Albert Sneaking a Look

It must be warmer in the gallery than outside… he’s stuck his head out for a good sniff.

mouse & bed 2

Getting a Good Look Around

Seems I’m friendly enough… he’s out and about. He is bold for such a teeny tiny mouse.

mouse & bed1

Albert Say’s “Hello”

Interestingly it has been very cold in Wensleydale this last few weeks and it’s still trying to snow a little bit more despite the sunshine showing it’s face today.

I’m not so surprised that Albert came to stay.

What did surprise me was word must have gotten out…. as Albert’s friend has come to stay too!


Albert’s Friend

I think Albert said he could come and stay a few days because his friend brought his sleeping bag with him too!


Albert’s Friend’s Sleeping Bag

I really do have to be careful not to lose sight of these mice.  They are very small, perfect for little hands and little pockets.

Albert’s friend says his owner is little Joshy who lives in the West Country and is only four years old.  He says Joshy takes him everywhere tucked in his pocket and he gets to go on lots of adventures to school, the dentist, doctors, friends, out to lunch at fancy restaurants and even to the park.

By the look on Albert’s face he’d like an owner like Joshy.  Hey he’d even be happy to live in a mum’s purse or pocket just to be brought out to be played with by any little person when they’re bored or need distracting.  As it is Albert is the Official Chapel Gallery Mouse and is a VIM (a Very Important Mouse) with civic duties and the like.

He’s been busy and it is ‘back to bed for another snooze-time’ it seems.

mouse & bed

Snooze-Time for Albert

More of Albert’s friends are available from the Chapel Gallery, Hawes.

Look out for DIY ‘Albert-look-a-like’ Kits coming soon.


Albert & Friend having a Sleepover

UPDATE:  Chapel Mouse Kits are now available at Chapel Gallery, Hawes or via the website